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Medical Practice Financing

Medical practice loans and financing will help your practice grow. Capital4HealthCare, LLC  provides many medical practice financing and medical practice loan options for healthcare professionals. Because, our medical practice financing experts will give you prudent advice and provide important information healthcare professionals need to know to start and grow your medical practice business.Capital4Healthcare, LLC has worked with healthcare professionals across the nation for over 3 decades. Call 1-800-324-8808 for a free consultation.


Medical Practice Financing & Medical Practice Loans

First of all, when considering financing your dream medical practice it is imperative that you present a complete medical practice loan application package to the appropriate potential lenders to help expedite the medical practice loan process, and thus limit the risk of losing your opportunity by failing to secure medical practice loan financing in time. Because, it’s equally important to consider both short and long-term capital requirements of your medical practice and/or real estate (facility), and much more.

Because, at Capital4HealthCare, LLC we offer buyer’s representation and guidance throughout the process, which includes:

  1. Performing due-diligence on the medical practice
  2. Determining the amount of medical practice financing that is needed
  3. Creating the proper structure to justify the financing you pursue
  4. Locating & considering available medical practice financing options from large and small lenders throughout the US, and obtaining a competitive financing package, which includes a focus not only on interest rate, but equally on terms and conditions.

Therefore, the interest rate is not the most important part of the deal; it is the proper balance of rate, terms and conditions that make for the optimal medical practice financing package.

In conclusion, at Capital4HealthCare, LLC we represent solely your interests and our experts will be there to support you and answer all of your difficult questions you may have. Because, medical practice financing is available to all qualified borrowers.

Medical Practice Professional Practice Growth

First of all, thirty years plus in business has afforded us excellent business relationships with many respected and prominent commercial banks and specialty lenders across the US, including preferred & certified; national & regional SBA / USDA lenders; investment banks; institutional investors; and even private lenders for some of the tough-to-do deals traditional lenders won’t touch, but in which we can show good potential.  Yet, we know who has ceased lending operations, who has started, what their lending criteria is, and where a specific client will be best served resulting in competitive financing – usually with numerous options from which to choose.

In addition, we have no loyalty to any lender. Our loyalty is solely to you, our client.

Therefore, instead of contacting one lender after another hoping to achieve medical practice financing before the deal goes under, let us take your medical practice financing needs directly to those lenders most likely to commit to your request, knowing that after an exhaustive analysis and information gathering process, we will provide chosen lenders a professionally prepared lending request package for their review and consideration.

While, advising our clients through the entire process of practice selection, analysis/valuation, negotiations with the seller, financing, transitions into ownership or partnership, and beyond, for:

  • Start-Ups
  • Practice Acquisitions
  • Practice Mergers

Finally, we have Served hundreds of various healthcare professionals for nearly three decades.  Because, understanding the differences, practice to practice, specialty to specialty, etc.  Also, we understand every aspect of your medical practice operations, including insurance contracts & fee-for-service and how each impacts cash flow; the value of consultants to increase productivity; the importance of marketing and the different approaches to such.  

In conclusion, we understand the process of transitioning a new owner or partner into a position of leadership and accountability, so that s/he can effect the same attributes to his or her staff.  Because, all these things affect not only your ability to secure the medical practice financing you need, but to succeed in business.

Medical Practice Consulting Loans

First of all, Capital4HealthCare, LLC has provided prudent advice on medical practice consulting loans to countless medical practice professionals over the years assisting them to grow the practice of their dreams by improving cash flow, patient flow or by creating a better team. Because, when you find the right consultant you trust to work with, we can help you make this investment.

Medical Practice Start-ups

First of all, Capital4HealthCare, LLC will guide you each step of the way when you create your new medical practice. Because, we will provide you with prudent advice as you consider each opportunity and challenge.

In addition our flexible medical practice financing solutions make new practices quick, simple and painless.

  • Competitive fixed rates for up to 10 years
  • 100% financing plus working capital
  • Up to $500,000 ($600,000 for specialists)
  • Deferred and graduated payment plans
  • Providing Financing for equipment, cabinetry, furniture, fixtures and supplies
  • Financing for renovations and construction
  • We help financing for architecture, design and management consulting fees
Medical Practice Practice Acquisitions

First of all, Capital4HealthCare, LLC has provided its clients for over 23 years with exceptional medical practice financing for the medical practice acquisitions whether it be their first, second or tenth opportunity. Because We understand the value of performance-based lending and are here to guide you throughout the process.

  • Competitive, fixed rates up to 15 years
  • 100% financing plus working capital
  • Financing to modernize tenant improvements
  • Financing to purchase new equipment, fixtures, cabinetry, furniture & supplies
  • Financing for design & management consulting fees
Medical Practice Mergers

First of all, when you decide to merge your dental practice with another, Capital4HealthCare, LLC is there to serve you. Also, a dental practice merger is one of the most important investment decisions you will make in your career. Because, whether you are looking for increased resources, more purchasing leverage or increased market share, you need more than simply strong financing backing. And, every dental practice merger has a unique set of opportunities and challenges that require a more involved financing approach.

Also, our dental practice financing solutions feature:

  • Competitive, fixed rates up to 15 years
  • 100% financing plus working capital
  • Providing financing for equipment, cabinetry, furniture, fixtures and supplies
  • Financing for renovations and construction
  • Helping financing for architecture, design and management consulting fees
Medical Practice Relocation

Because, whether you’re looking to accommodate more medical practice  patients, provide additional services or simply upgrade to a more productive environment, Capital4HealthCare, LLC offers the medical practice  financing solutions essential to you be able to seriously consider relocating your medical practice.

Medical Practice Remodels

First of all, in today’s professional medical practice climate, the ability to adapt is critical. Because, Capital4HealthCare, LLC realizes that if your facilities are showing their age and hindering production, you may be seriously considering remodeling your practice. Therefore, call us today if you need to remodel your medical practice.

Medical Practice Expansions

First of all, Capital4HealthCare, LLC realizes the ability to adapt in today’s professional medical practice climate is critical. If your medical practice facilities are limiting your practice’s potential for greater growth, you may be considering an expansion. Because, whether your needs are more advanced technology, larger office space or simply a better location, we have financing solutions for you.

Medical Practice Working Capital

First of all, Capital4HealthCare, LLC realizes the importance of working capital whether you need to increase receivables, inventory, marketing, hire new staff – for any reasonable business purpose.

Also, our medical practice financial solutions include several flexible financing solutions:

  • Competitive, fixed rates up to 7 years
  • Must be in business for a minimum of 2 years

In addition, whether you are looking to grow your medical practice, consolidate business debt, increase cash flow or simply want to build your emergency reserve, use of funds allows you to use your money when and where you need it most.

Program Features:

  • Amounts from $20,000 to $250,000
  • 24-hour approval and funding in as few as 72 hours*
  • Competitive rate available
  • Flexible Terms available
  • No complicated collateral requirements
  • Loan won’t appear on personal credit report
  • Don’t need to own a practice
  • Programs for various credit profiles*

Use Funds For:

  • Commercial debt consolidation
  • Increase cash flow
  • Expansion and improvement
  • Purchase equipment
  • Market your services
  • Practice acquisition
  • Build emergency reserve
  • The choice is yours!

*In conclusion, subject to credit approval upon completion of application. Because, Loan sixes and interest rates vary and determined by the applicant’s credit profile. Call for complete program details.

Medical Practice Equipment Leasing

Because, why Lease Medical Practice Equipment ?

First of all, 80% of US business lease finance at least one piece of equipment. Therefore, it makes excellent sense in variety of circumstances. Also, leasing allows 100% of the purchase price of the medical practice equipment leasing to be financed, so you won’t need to come up with a hefty down-payment. In Additon, it allows for soft-costs like shipping, installation, and training to be included in the financing. By leasing, you will:

  • Optimize cash flow
  • Conserve capital
  • Improve budget-planning
  • Save personal credit and personal use
  • Allow new equipment to generate income, and pay for itself overtime

Glossary:Capital Lease (you own the equipment at the end of the lease)

  • $1 purchase option

As a result, the entire purchase amount is financed. At the end of the lease a $1 payment is made and the equipment is yours

  • 10% purchase

True Lease

  • FMV (Fair Market Value)

In addition, this type of lease is a great way to stay ahead of rapidly changing technology, and allows for upgrading to new equipment as needed. Because, FMV leases also allow you to expense your payments and accelerate deprecation. Most of all, the equipment will be purchased at fair market value at the end of the lease term. As well as, sometimes this is capped at 10%. Therefore, consult your tax adviser for benefits.

Also, Medical Practice Equipment Lease Terms:

Because, we can tailor lease terms to your specific needs, standard terms are from 24-60 months. And, shorter frame time keeps financing costs lower. Also, a longer-term allows expensive, but necessary equipment to be obtained with a low, monthly payment.

Because, how Does Medical Practice Equipment Leasing Work?

First of all, our approval process is handled with a simple, one-page application. Hence, complete and fax to us the one page application, including information on the business entity, the equipment being purchase, the cost, and information on the vendor.

As well as, credit department assesses the status of the applicant. Because the application may be approved within minutes, or additional information maybe requested. In addition, once approved, we make great effort to provide you with the best possible lease rate and terms available. Because, lease documents, along with detailed instructions, or fax or over-nighted to you for signature.

So, what else do I need to do to get an equipment lease?

Also, a purchase order is sent to the vendor once you are satisfied and have signed and sent back to us the appropriate documentation. So, once the vendor has the purchase order, the vendor will ship the equipment and schedule installation. Because, after successful installation, we call you for verbal verification that the equipment is in good working order. In some cases, a delivery inspection may be requested. Finally, after verbal verification, the vendor is paid in full, and the lease starts.

In conclusion, most of all our lease specialists are dedicated to providing full service by being available to answer your questions at any time and to resolve any difficulties at me arise. Because, control of the process is in the hands of the customer. Finally, the lease does not start until you specifically authorized us to pay the vendor, not before.

Finally, Where Do I Start?

First of all, every lease begins with a simple, one-page application. Also, depending on the size of the transaction and credit considerations, we may ask for additional information including some or all of the following: Personal Financial Statement,Personal Tax Returns, Business Tax Returns, Recent Bank Statements, Interim Financials, and Business Plan.

In conclusion, MOST of our transactions DO NOT require additional documentation, but you should be assured that if we do you requested, we are working hard to get you the lowest possible payment.

Medical Practice Equipment Purchases

First of all, Capital4HealthCare, LLC believes that purchasing new dental equipment for your dental practice can be one of the smartest investments. Because, prudent upgrades can improve efficiency, allow you to provide better quality services and maintain your competitive edge.

Therefore, we offer flexible financing solutions, meaningful industry insights and specialized financial expertise to help ensure that your equipment upgrades are structured to maximize cash flow and your return on investment.

  • Competitive, fixed rates for up to 10 years
  • Financing for equipment, installation, training and supplies
Medical Practice Real Estate Loans
Also, we offer FINANCING – $250,000 – $6,000,000+

First of all, with three plus decades of expertise gained through placing literally hundreds of medical practice financing packages, Capital4HealthCare, LLC has the eyes and ears of senior decision makers with multiple direct, experienced lenders across the country, including preferred & certified, national & regional SBA / USDA lenders, investment banks, institutional investors and specialty finance firms.  Because, we know who is currently, who has started, and who is no longer. We know what their lending criteria is, and where a specific client will be best served resulting in competitive financing, and usually, numerous offers.

In addition, routinely secure Commercial, SBA 7A, SBA 504, and USDA B&I funding for our client partners, NATIONWIDE.  As a tool to improve cash-flow, we can secure a consolidation loan, or refinance a high-rate and/or short-term debt.

Also, helping medical practice facility owners retain liquidity by providing loans up to 90% LTV for real estate acquisitions, including:

  • Medical Offices

Finally, professional medical practice real estate may be a free-standing office, multi-tenant office building, mixed use property, condominium or cooperative unit.

Because we take pride in:

  • Quick Loan Approvals, Fast & Efficient Loan Closings, & Competitive, Fixed & Variable Rates.

So, instead of contacting one lender after another hoping to achieve medical practice financing, let us take your medical practice financing needs directly to those lenders most likely to commit to your request, knowing that after an exhaustive analysis and information gathering process, we will provide chosen lenders a professionally prepared lending request package for their review and consideration.

In conclusion, our flexible medical practice financing solutions offer the interest rate, terms and conditions attractive to you:

  • Competitive fixed rates for 5, 10 or 15 year increments  fully-amortized for 20, 25 or 30 years
  • Loan amounts up to 90% of overall project costs
  • Flexible pre-payment penalty schedules

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