Client Testimonials About Capital4HealthCare: 

We met Mark when we were considering the purchase of a large urgent care center in Northern New Jersey where we were employed. In completing due diligence in preparation for financing, he advised it was not a good purchase for us at the asking price. We admired his honesty, so we considered starting our own urgent care center. Four years later we contacted Mark again. He met with us in person, visited the site, and helped us complete due diligence for the real estate purchase and the start-up. He worked tirelessly to provide us with the best financing to achieve our new practice, and though we experienced several difficulties with the lender’s closing department due to the economic challenges of mid-2008, the financing achieved could be repeated today. Mark was correct when he told us how good the opportunity would be. From the beginning Mark was personable & professional; he became a close friend and ally. We continue to stay in touch often.

Dr. Javed Islam

PromptMD , Hoboken, NJ

In my first underwriting interview I did not explain myself as Mark instructed me to do, and a hunter percent proposal changed to 95%. When interviewing with the second underwriter I followed Mark’s advice to a “T”. I achieved 99.9% of project costs plus $200,000 in working capital to secure the transition cycle. Through the closing process Mark coordinated the lawyers, seller, practice broker and lender to best achieve my objectives. We became very good friends, and we now discuss our personal and professional goals, lifestyle choices including cars, watches, and housing by email and text, daily. I look forward to the future acquisitions, and will always have Mark by my side!

Dr. Vic Khemsara

Ophthalmology, Summit Eye Care

We don’t believe anyone else would have been able to negotiate the practice in real estate acquisition, and achieve the overall financing as proficiently as Capital4HealthCare. Mark kept us up today at all times and assisted the attorneys, sellers and us all with the contract negotiations, while finalizing financing with both wonders. At closing, the real estate lender told us we needed $58 K to close. 24 hours later after Mark interceded on our behalf, closing ended with us receiving money (not paying money) as Mark had initially stated. We never thought we would acquire so much all at once; we are happy it’s over!

Dr. Jason Melashenko & Dr. Stephanie Mashni

Dentists, Surprise Dental

Hiring Mark Eric Bailey was the first and smartest decision I made upon my recent purchase of a medical practice. I worked very closely with Mark over an 8 month period. Because of the tough economic times and the complex nature of this transaction, I wouldn’t have been able to secure financing or complete the process without Mark’s expert guidance. He was very willing to fight for me and make sure that my best interests were well represented. Due to his keen understanding of the health care industry and business financing, he was able to save me a large amount of money on the purchase (far more than his consultant fees). On a personal note, Mark became like a close friend and trusted advisor. He is very smart, witty, and takes a great deal of pride in his work. I would be very quick to recommend him to a close friend who is considering a purchase in health care. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Mark.

Craig S.Bindi, M.D.

Laser Eye Center of Silicon Valley San Jose, CA

Today’s the first day of my life. Off to work and it feels great. Thank you for your services throughout the entire process. I did want to re-emphasize that every time I called you in a panic throughout this process it was not a complaint, but rather I saw you as a problem solver. I felt you had more experience and were more effective in solving the problems we encountered than any of my other resources. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Scott Durrett, DO

Ophthalmologist , SurgeryVenice - Venice, FL

When I contacted Capital4HealthCare I was just three months away from completing my orthodontic residency, and was under contract to acquire the two orthodontic practices in my hometown. I had spoken with several lenders including banks and SBA lenders. All questioned my business and clinical experience; those who were interested wanted at leasr a 10% cash injection. Mark analyzed the financials of the practices and reviewed my application. Ten days later he provided me with a proposal for 100% financing and last week we closed on the purchase of both practices. Interest rates, terms and conditions were as proposed and I couldn’t be more pleased. There is no way this could ever have happened without Mark’s assistance!

Dr. Benjamin R. Gregg

GreggOrthodontics - Ashland, OH

Have been riding high (since closing) and super busy. The practice is bumping along and getting the mail is now much more fun because of the little presents (checks) inside all of the envelopes. All is well – again thanks for all you’ve done. It is starting to sink in that we did manage to come up with quite a bit of money ($1.862 million)  for someone in my position (new graduate). You’re the man…

Shawn Perce, DMD, MSD

PerceOrthodontics - Jacksonville, FL

When I was first referred to Capital4HealthCare in July 2006, I was pre-qualified by Mark Bailey at 1:00 AM EST. Granted, it was late when I called him from Phoenix, Arizona but he was happy to talk, and to assist me. Over the next several months we considered several practice acquisitions in Tempe, Phoenix and Scottsdale. I had a very difficult time working with the aggressive dental practice brokers in the Phoenix market who were not interested at all in the needs of the purchaser, but Mark was always there to guide, comfort and help me make prudent decisions. Capital4HealthCare was invaluable in assisting me with due diligence, and since closing, with management decisions. I recommend Capital4HealthCare, highly. For new in recent graduate they make practice acquisitions easier, and deliver the results they promise. Thanks to them, I was able to acquire the practice I first saw, and am now a practice owner.

Dr. Carl Metz

Dentist , Vibrant Dentistry

I contacted Mark at Capital4HealthCare in December 2005. I had opened my practice in 2002, and added a partner into thousand four. The practice had grown into a multi million dollar cosmetic and restorative practice, and we are ready to recast the 23 loans, lines and leases we had used to develop the practice. One of America’s largest specialty lenders had cut those hanging for three months. They liked our revenues, but our fast growth scare them. We were gun shy at first, but within a few short months we closed on a refinance with Mark for all 23 loans, lines and leases, the simple find bookkeeping, and making our practice much more profitable. We will always return to Capital4HealthCare and Mark for a practice financing needs.

Dr. Stephen T McLeod