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Starting a Veterinary Practice

It Takes a TEAM

Capital4HealthCare, LLC creates and nurtures strategic partnerships with select referral partners serving healthcare professionals nationwide. The Capital4HealthCare TEAM is 100% focused on achieving the desired results of our clients. While we are happy to work with individual advisers you have in place to represent you, our TEAM includes the following professional service providers with whom we work regularly, across the country:



Management Consultants

Brokerage Consultants

Transitions Consultants


Life & Disability Insurance Providers

and more….

We partner with solo or group practice clients. Most of our clients are pursuing a practice acquisition, or a partner buy-in to a practice with which they currently associate.  Many others are pursuing a practice expansion through mergers, acquisitions, partner buy-outs, and/or practice ‘real estate’ acquisitions, expansions or construction.

We provide exceptional advisory with regard to:

  • Targeted Acquisition Services
  • Practice Analysis & Valuations
  • Negotiations with Seller & Seller Team
  • Securing Financing
  • Oversight and Guidance in the Transition to Partnership/Ownership
  • Related Accounting, Legal, Insurance and Staffing services
  • and more…..

AND, we are your Partners in Growth.  We will help you manage a thriving business, while simultaneously assisting you in the continual growth and positioning of your business for eventual sale for maximum profit, when the time is right.

Whatever your goals, establishing a one-on-one relationship with a C4H Adviser or Associate can help you maximize your practice financially. At Capital4HealthCare, LLC we provide more advice, support, in-depth assistance, follow-up and more results for you.

Looking for Practice Financing? Capital4HealthCare, LLC provides practice financing for qualified health professionals nationwide seeking to purchase, grow, merge, or refinance. At C4H, it is our mission and priority to serve you with prudent advice in all practice financing & transitions.From your first post-residency opportunity to retirement. As your virtual “Partner in Growth,” we will provide you with the strategies, services & solutions.