Working Capital

Working Working Capital for Dentists

Information About Working Capital

Capital4HealthCare, LLC realizes the importance of working capital whether you need to increase receivables, inventory, marketing, hire new staff – for any reasonable business purpose.

Also, our dental practice financial solutions include several flexible financing solutions. Therefore, competitive, fixed rates up to 7 years. And must be in business for a minimum of 2 years

In addition, whether you are looking to grow your dental practice, veterinary practice, or medical practice consolidate business debt and increase cash flow. Also, simply want to build your emergency reserve. Because, the use of funds allows you to use your money when and where you need it most.

Program Features:

  • Amounts from $20,000 to $250,000
  • 24-hour approval and funding in as few as 72 hours*
  • Competitive rate available
  • Flexible Terms available
  • No complicated collateral requirements
  • Loan won’t appear on personal credit report
  • Don’t need to own a practice
  • Programs for various credit profiles*

Use Funds For:

  • Commercial debt consolidation
  • And,Increase cash flow
  • Expansion and improvement
  • In addition, Purchase equipment
  • Also,Market your services
  • Practice acquisition
  • Build emergency reserve
  • Because, The choice is yours!

*In conclusion, subject to credit approval upon completion of application. Because, Loan sixes and interest rates vary and determined by the applicant’s credit profile. Finally, call for complete program details.

Capital4HealthCare, LLC Mission

At Capital4HealthCare, LLC, it is our mission and priority to serve you with prudent advice in all practice financing & transitions from your first post-residency opportunity to retirement. Also, as your virtual “Partner in Growth,” we will provide you with the strategies, services & solutions:

We effectively identify, analyze, negotiate, finance and complete practice transitions, including acquisitions, and mergers. Also, finance ($250,000+) practice real estate acquisitions whether free-standing building, condo or co-op unit, retail center, office building or mixed use: construction, renovation or expansions.

In addition, providing attractive financing solutions enabling the growth of your practice by your ability to serve more patients. And, accelerate your cash-flow by providing complete medical payment solutions. As a result, we will achieve the highest & best results for you in all practice transitions. Finally, our experts provide and help cultivate relationships for you with legal, accounting, valuation and insurance professionals who can further enhance your success.  Therefore, as your virtual “Partner in Growth,” we will provide you with the strategies, services & solutions.

In addition, our practice loans and financing will help your practice grow.

Because, Capital4HealthCare, LLC  provides many practice financing and practice loans options with the help of our resources. Also, our practice financing experts will give you prudent advice. And, provide important information healthcare professionals need to know to start and grow your practice.

Also, Capital4HealthCare, LLC  provides many practice financing and loan options for Dental Practices , Veterinary Practices, and Medical Practices. Because, our Dental, Veterinary, and Medical practice financing experts will give you prudent advice and provide important information Dentists, Veterinarians, and Medical Professionals need to know to start and grow your practices business.

As a result, Capital4Healthcare, LLC has worked with Healthcare Professionals across the nation for over 3 decades. Therefore, call our Practice Solution Experts at 1-800-324-8808 for a free consultation. So, what are you waiting for?